Dental Bridges in Riverside

Dental Bridges in Riverside, CA

Are you missing one or more teeth? Dental bridges might be the solution you've been looking for. Dental bridges are a popular restorative dental treatment that can help fill gaps in your smile and restore your ability to speak and chew properly. With the help of Riverside dentist at Smile Pathway Dental in Riverside, CA, you can regain your confidence and enjoy a complete, beautiful smile once again.

Dental Bridges in Riverside


Dental bridges have been used for centuries to replace missing teeth.

Why should I get Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges offer several benefits that make them a great option for replacing missing teeth. First and foremost, they can improve your oral health. When you have missing teeth, the surrounding teeth can shift and become misaligned, leading to bite problems and jaw pain. Dental bridges help maintain the proper alignment of your teeth and prevent further dental issues.

In addition to improving your oral health, dental bridges also enhance your appearance. A gap in your smile can make you feel self-conscious and affect your self-esteem. By filling in the gaps with dental bridges, you can achieve a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing smile.

No Putty Necessary

Say goodbye to goopy impressions! Our 3D intraoral scanner allows us to capture images and create models of your tooth for a digital, mess-free procedure.

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Restore Your Arch

Missing more than just a couple of teeth? There’s no need to wait in pain and discomfort any longer. Implant-retained bridges can replace the entire arch of your grin for a sturdy, seamless smile.

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My wife and I just moved into the area from out of state and have been looking for a new dentist (an always daunting task since we have been going to the same one for so long). Fortunately we found Dr. Simon Wu and his amazing team! My wife had a tooth that’s been bothering her and Dr. Wu took the time to explain everything and took care of it SAME day. The assistant was also very friendly and made sure we were all comfortable the entire time we were there. They really treat you like family. All in all, I can say we were lucky to find an exceptional dentist and dental team and can’t wait to bring our family here again in the future. Thank you Dr. Wu and Smile Pathway Dental!

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I had a positive experience here at Smile Pathway Dental. I was immediately greeted by the front staff as I walked in. The front desk waiting area was very clean and tidy and I liked all the natural light coming in through the windows. The staff were very attentive and personable. Dr. Wu listened to my needs and addressed my concerns during my consult for Invisalign (I had braces when I was younger). He took time to explain the next steps, and what each subsequent appointment will entail. It was super cool to see on the computer a sample of what the movement of teeth will be like. He's very patient and thorough and I highly recommend his office for your dental needs.

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Hoi Yang

I love coming here, Lisa and Dr. Wu explained EVERYTHING they were doing and helped break it down to a way I could understand. They made sure I was comfortable the entire time and I didn’t experience pain, very minimal with the numbing. I always recommend my friends to come here and look forward to my next appointments!

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You’ve Got Options

Bridges aren’t the only way to restore your missing teeth. Dental implants are one of the most secure dental replacement options available. They can completely mend the functionality of your bite, improve your overall health, and bring back the smile you’ve been hiding.

The Benefits of Dental Bridges

Restored Functionality

With dental bridges, you can once again enjoy the ability to chew your favorite foods without discomfort or difficulty. The bridges are custom-made to fit your mouth perfectly, ensuring a comfortable and natural feel.

Improved Speech

Missing teeth can affect your speech, causing you to slur or mumble certain words. Dental bridges help restore proper speech patterns, allowing you to communicate clearly and confidently.

Enhanced Appearance

A missing tooth can have a significant impact on your overall appearance. Dental bridges not only fill in the gaps but also help maintain the shape of your face, preventing a sunken or aged look.

The Dental Bridges Treatment Process

Consultation and Examination

During your initial consultation, Dr. Simon Wu will evaluate your oral health and determine if dental bridges are the right treatment for you. This may involve taking dental impressions and X-rays to ensure accurate planning.

Preparation of Abutment Teeth

To support the dental bridge, the adjacent teeth, called abutment teeth, will be prepared by removing a small portion of enamel. This step is necessary to ensure a secure and stable fit for the bridge.

Impressions and Temporary Bridge

After preparing the abutment teeth, impressions of your teeth will be taken to create a custom dental bridge. While the permanent bridge is being fabricated, a temporary bridge will be placed to protect your teeth and maintain your smile's appearance.

Before & Afters

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do dental bridges work?

While every type of bridge is different, dental bridges all share similar characteristics, and work in the same way. A bridge is used to attach one or more false teeth to your existing teeth – locking them into place by using dental crowns (fixed and cantilever bridges) or metal “wings” that attach to the rear of your teeth (Maryland bridges).

Because they won’t move or shift, they’re a great alternative to partial dentures. And since they do not require invasive surgery, some patients prefer dental bridges as an alternative to dental implants.

Are dental bridges permanent or removable?

Dental bridges are considered to be a permanent treatment since they can only be removed by a dental professional and they typically last 10-15 years or longer.

In addition, the tooth preparation procedure for your abutment teeth is not reversible. It requires the permanent removal of enamel from one or more of your teeth, so you may want to keep this in mind when deciding whether or not a bridge is right for you.

Can dental bridges be repaired or replaced?

Yes. Dental bridges, just like all dental prostheses, can become damaged over time, or simply worn down from daily use when chewing, biting, smiling, and speaking. Typically, bridges last between 10-20 years, but the expected lifespan of your bridge may be different depending on the type of bridge, how well you care for your teeth, and a few other factors.

What are dental bridges made of?

This varies, depending on the type of dental bridge you choose. However, most dental bridges are made from a combination of a metal framework, which supports the teeth and ensures they’re in the proper place, and one or more porcelain crowns and false teeth. Acrylic teeth are sometimes used for dental bridges, but usually, they are only used for temporary bridges, since acrylic is much less durable than porcelain and ceramic materials.

How much do dental bridges cost?

The cost of dental bridges is different for each patient. Factors that may affect the cost of your bridge include your overall oral health, the type of bridge you choose, pre-treatment surgeries (like tooth extraction), and more. The best way to find out how much you’ll pay for a dental bridge is to schedule a consultation with your dentist.

However, dental bridges are usually covered, at least in part, by dental insurance when they’re used to restore missing teeth. Contact your insurance provider to learn more about your coverage.

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